14 June 2010

Relatively Speaking...

As some of you may remember back in May Mark & I went on a weeks trip to Pennsylvania to research. Along the way we did some research in various area's. One of those was the Medina County Public library.

A very nice library indeed - the newly remodeled library has a much updated genealogy room which I like very much!

A bounty of resource materials awaits you as you step inside. Yearbooks, family history books, newspapers & much more. One of the best finds we found there was a simple little book - actually a yearbook or directory if you will.

We genealogists use city directories alot, but I don't hear much said about church directories.
The one pictured at the top of this blog is from the Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church. It was a gold mine of materials. Everything from births, deaths, addresses and a biggie - family portraits.

A great find indeed!

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Happy Researching!


TennLady said...

I've only seen one and that is from the last church we belonged to.

Karen said...

This library had quite a few and I was suprised at that. They can be hard to find but when you find them they are a gold mine!