12 June 2010

Week in Review

So here we are, its Saturday! I don't normally blog on Saturday but I thought I'd check in today since I was out yesterday.

I've been working more on that slowing down thing - I'm making progress on my data entry from our trip to Pennsylvania - its slow go, as I am searching out other missing information when I do the entry on the things I found. Mark & I have decided that during his week off July 3-10, we're going to do a mini research trip down to Darke County, Ohio.

So now I've got to go over my to do list for that county, fine tune it & prepare for a few days there. I imgine while there I'll slip over into Dayton for a few more obituaries from there. Seems like its a never ending process. Also have some headstone photo's I want to grab while there.

The gardening continues, the weather has been very helpful this week, with mild temps - so I've been putting down more of the organic composted black mulch and pulling weeds. If you want some photo's of the front beds I put up an album on my facebook page.

Today's temps are not condusive to working in the garden so I'll be here doing data entry. Did I mention the oldest two grandsons, Nick & Carter are here since yesterday afternoon and will probably be here most of the day? Youngest grandson will be here later today, so we'll see just how much I get done.

For now grandpa Mark is looking for breakfast as are the two grandsons. Sounds like a "cuppa" tea is in order for this still waking up grandma!

Have a good weekend everyone!