30 June 2010

Wishful Wednesday -

Thought I would take a few minutes and make my genealogy wish list - just in case any of the genealogy fairies are listening and have a mind to grant some wishes - here's my wish list...
  • What happened to Joseph Ansley? I know he married Marietta Waddell and had two sons, I know she remarried, I know what happened to both boys. What happened to Joseph & when? Where?
  • What's up with J.G. Waddell and his using J.G. Gamble name both on a census and for his service in the civil war? Who are his parents?
  • Who are the parents of Jonathon G. McCune? Does he descend from the Darke County, Ohio McCune's or is he straight out of Ireland? Is the John McCune buried in the Infirmary Cemetery in Montgomery County, Ohio really MY John McCune?
  • What about Rebecca Tanreuther McCune? Why did "friends" take her away after her death? Why wasn't her husband taking care of that? Where did her "friends" take her & bury here?
  • Does my George Gates belong to the Gates family that founded Gatesburg in Centre County, Pennsylvania and if so how?

Happy Researching!



TennLady said...

Boy you don't want much, do you?

Karen said...

Figure if a fairy god mother is out there listening I'm going to go for broke! Have nothing to loose at this point! LOL