13 August 2010

Lost in Time...

Last year my mother presented me with a photo album that contains many unidentified photo's. I know these people are from the Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio area.

My grandparents, Ray Phillips & his wife, Pauline Kreitzer must have been friends with most of these people, if not related as well. Can you help identify any of the people in these photo's? I'll be posting several photo's a week as I try to identify these people who are lost in time.

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jim said...

As I was looking at these pictures, I saw my father and his friend and thought I was seeing things. I sent the pix to my sister and asked her who she thought they were. She confirmed my thoughts:
The man on the left in the dark suit is Lawrence Custy and the man on the right is our father, Robert Zeitler. I do not recall the name Kreitzer in our history. My husband and I live in Florida and are certified genealogy nuts.
Jim & Jody Johnson