25 November 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 - A Day of Counting Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

While our family will be enjoying turkey this Thanksgiving, we try not to forget the reason for the day.  For us, the holidays is all about our family.  Some of the things we are thankful for this year --
-- our children & grandchildren are all healthy. Sure we all have minor colds now and then but we really have no major illness to contend with.  We all have jobs, health care and for the most part are happy with jobs we have.  We all have a roof over our head, the heat is on and we have food on our tables. 

We aren't rich in the financial sense of the word, but we have enough that we are happy.
Is there anything else that matters?

From our house to yours - Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

**Turkey graphic courtesy of my good friend, Michael Reck!

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Randi said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours