08 February 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Jacob Ebli of Lorain County, Ohio

A few years ago I was researching the family of Frederick Appla. The Appla surname, to my knowlege, as pretty much died out in the US. I know I've said many times that spelling doesn't count, there are many variations to every name. However this name is the one exception to that rule. People tell me to check the surname APPLE. I have never in my 20+ years of researching found this family recorded as Apple.

The name on the headstones shown here is Ebli. These are the parents of Frederick Appla (1835-1893), Gotlieb Appla (1844-1916) and Mary Appla (ca1849 - ?). Frederick Appla is my husband Mark's, great great grandfather. It is unknown what happened to Mary, if she married or died young - I have not found that information as of this writing. Gotlieb has a daughter, Frederick marries Katherine Keller and they have 6 children, five daughters and one son, Charles.  Sadly, Charles dies at the age of 9.  So there really were no male Appla's to carry on the surname.

I first found the family together on the 1860 census for Grafton Township, Lorain County, Ohio. I have not been able to locate them on the 1850 YET! 

Jacob & his wife, Dorthea are buried at the back of this cemetery, so much so that as the pictures show the headstone was almost totally obscurred from view with all the weeds etc. But we prevailed and you can see the headstone is now visiable again! 

Happy Researching!

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