31 March 2011

Travel Thursday - Dayton Archives & Record Center

Last week Mark & I traveled down to Dayton to the Archives & Record center.  I must say it was a very successful trip.  I promised you an update on last Friday but we overslept so the blog remained undone!

This trip to the Archives we tried to stick pretty close to the goal of locating direct line ancestors, and I must say we did pretty well.  There are a few marriages that I now believe took place in one of the nearby counties, but for the most part we found lots of goodies!

We found wills on two (2) of my great grandmother's, Henrietta Hagele Peterman doesn't name my ancestor, only her "children" in general with the exception of her son, William Peterman & her daughters, Lillian and Ida.  Sure would have been nice to see her name Mary Pauline Kreitzer! 

Also located the will for Ann Margaret Cook.  Ann obviously held grudges.  Ann's daughter, Catherine and her husband, Abraham Boomershine, challenged Ann in court over some land held by Ann's husband Christian Cook.  The law suit took place in 1849.  Ann dies in 1863 and in her will declares that Catherine & Abraham Boomershine and their heirs are only to have $5.  All the rest of the estate to be equally divided among the other 5 living siblings.  Nasty!  Bet holidays were interesting at that house.

Also found wills for a couple of my grandfather's, although no real suprises there.

Verified & found the dates for several marriages of great aunts & uncles - had the marriages of most already. The ones I didn't find I'll check surrounding counties for. We also verified quite a few births and many death dates, along with getting full death dates that we only had years on. 

Copies were a dime each and we spent about $10 on copies. So all in all a very good trip.  I'm working my way thru them, sourcing and linking as I go! 

Throw in dinner with good friends & a hotel across the street & you've got a winner of a trip! Already working on my to do list for the next trip!

Happy Researching!

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