29 April 2011

Research Trip!

Its here! Tax season is "officially" over, I say officially because even though uncle Sam's date has been met by the majority there are still those who filed extensions and will be requiring some help from Mark in the months to come! 

Every year when tax season is "officially over" we take a break and run away. Usually on some research/play trip.  After discussing our many options we've decided, or at least it appears, we've decided.  Mark's still pondering over maps but it looks like its going to be ....  drum rolll please!   Pennsylvania for four days in a wonderful B & B, Living Springs Farm, for research in the surrounding counties, do a bit of shopping, and just enjoy the area.  Then a mad dash over the weekend down to the North Carolina State Archives to do some work on one of my brick walls that came crashing down last week.  More on that one later in another post.  After a few days at the archives we'll wander back north and finish off our trip with some headstone photography and more relaxing in Holmes County, Ohio where hopefully I'll find some more awesome Amish baskets to add to my collection!

More details on the families we're going to be researching & prep for the trip to come so stay tuned!

Happy Reseaching!

**Thanks to my friend Michael Reck for sharing some of the Clip Art he has collected over the years with me! This one from his collection. 

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