08 July 2011

Friday Already & Birthday Wishes

Can't believe it's Friday already! Today most of our group is off researching on their own. Mark & I are going to be pat the Reibold Building, we found so much yesterday, hoping to do the same today.

Jane & Peter are off for another day at Garst, Twila is working down in Miami County, I am not sure about the rest, except I suspect Michael will show up here again.

It's been such a great week, with lots of really fruitful research, lots of laughter and bonds of friendships that I personally hope will continue on for many years to come.

We finished off yesterday with dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse. What a great evening we had. We talked genealogy between bites of all sorts of pasta & garlic bread. Steve Koons joined us yesterday, it was so good to see him and share dinner with him. We wish him continued success and he mends from his health issues.

After dinner we adjourned to our hotel to a small guest lounge where the laughter and genealogy chat continued for many hours. Soon all the computers were out and everyone was comparing notes and surnames, with more laughter.

I want to thank the gang, Twila, Michael, Jane, Peter, Bev, Steve and of course Mr. Brown eyes for helping make this week of researching fabulous!

We are hoping to plan an event very similar to this for next year. Maybe you can join us?

On a family note - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome sweet cousin Christie Jean! Love you demon child! Hope John makes your day fabulous!!!

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