07 July 2011

What A Wednesday!

Those of you following my blog know that I'm researching this week with fellow researchers who have joined me from several other states & counties.  We're all part of the Darke County mail list online, most of us have chatted & talked on line but most have never met face to face until this past Tuesday.

On Tuesday we terrorized the wonderful staff at the Garst Library in Greenville, researching & introducing ourselves.  Yesterday (Wednesday) we spent the day at the Brethren Heritage Center in Brookville.  What a day we had. 

Gale Honeyman and the staff of the Brethren Heritage Center did a fabulous job keeping us on track with the genealogy research and putting up with our chatter.  The constant chatter of surnames and family stories made for a most awesome day!  Everyday it seems someone finds yet another cousin.  One of today's highlights for me was seeing my cousin Lee Behnken stop in for a visit.  It was great fun to see Lee and have him have dinner with us tonight.  Lee is a Boomershine & Kreitzer cousin. We also discovered over dinner that Mike Reck is cousin twice with Lee, and Jane Jewel is cousins with Bev Petty.  Its so good to see so many people making these connections. 

Personally my prep paid off and I came away with alll but three of the obits from the Gospel Messenger that I had hoped to find.  So 103 out of 106 works for me!  Thanks to the awesome staff who helped me with getting those! 

Today (Thursday) we will be working at the Montgomery County Records & Archives Center aka the Reibold Bldg., in downtown Dayton.  I've got tons of stuff to follow up on there, and some copies to get to complete my first families of Montgomery County application. 

I don't think I've laughed as much as I did today in such a long time.  Its great making new friends and sharing laughs with the new & old friends.  Anyone who thinks genealogy is a boring hobby needs to come along and research with us!

After all Michael Reck, who could spill a glass of water and shrink a full size Toshiba to the size of a Toshiba Netbook???   hhhhmmmmmmm???

Happy Researching!

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