06 July 2011

Names & Faces... A Very Good Thing!

As I promised on yesterday's blog, I want to update you on how the first day of our group research went. 

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive.  I mean, 8 or 9 strangers all in one room researching at the same time?  Especially concerned because most of us had never seen each other face to face!  As usual I worried about nothing. 

The Garst staff had permission to allow us in to research at 8:30, and being the die-hards that we are, most of us were there at the appointed time.  Very quickly the computers & papers came out, introductions were made all around and soon the chatter & research began. 

I think most everyone there today found something they didn't have.  I personally only made $7.25 in copies, mostly obits that filled in many little holes for me.  Mostly I heard things like...  you have THOSE in your data base?  I have them too!  Wow! If you are related to that couple then you are related to me.  I know I heard lots of laughter, which is always good! 

Thanks to the great ladies of Garst for your help & for opening early - we do appreciate it VERY MUCH!  Also a big round of applause to Bob Welch & his wife for hosting our porch dinner and more genealogy talk! A great time was had by all!

Today we are going to the Brethren Heritage Center in Brookville to explore the newspapers & holdings there in hopes of learning more about our ancestors! 

It was great meeting the new people off the Darke County mail list that we had not met before, its always a great time putting faces to the names that we see on the list all the time. 

New faces & names - Its a really good thing!

Happy Researching!

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