20 July 2011

Kissin' Cousins

I have friends that also blog and do genealogy.  It amazes me how after a time we seem to find links between us. We knew going in that two of the friends were linked, Anne & Carol. Then we discovered a link between Carol at Reflections and myself.  After a while we discovered that Anne over at Gene Notes is related to my husband Mark.  Yesterday we discovered yet another link between the two lines.

Anne and I both have the Early surname but we just can't seem to link them together.  It seems no matter where we go I find someone who can link into Mark's tree.  Our friend Lisa came over, we were talking genealogy and her tree links into Mark's Ligon tree.  We went to church, discussing genealogy with a lady there, she links in with the Powell line that Mark has.  So does her husband.

Our friend's Chuck & Diane are also active in the genealogy hunt.  We found a link between Diane & Mark, although it is thru Mark's stepgrandfather.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm thrilled to find all those connections for Mark's tree.

Isn't anyone related to me?  Is anyone out there researching Boomershine, Kreitzer, Peterman, Ansley, Nix or any of my other surnames?  How about Regan connections in North Carolina or  Hess in Virginia & Ohio?  I guess for now I'll have to settle for more connections to Mark's tree.  After all, I guess that's better than nothing.

Happy Researching!

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