21 July 2011


I hate filing.  I avoid it at all costs.  When my daughter lived at home I've been known to pay her to do my filing for me.  But she's moved out now.  I don't think Mark likes filing any more than I do. I don't know any genealogist who enjoys filing.

The two trips we've been on this year both had fabulous research outcomes, except that the data entry isn't nearly as fun as finding the stuff.  Guess you could say I love the thrill of the hunt more than the data entry & filing that comes along with the hunt.

Maybe the first two paragraphs were just excuses for why I can't say, "Yep, everything is all entered, all neatly typed & sourced!"  I WISH!  Sometimes it just seems life gets in the way, you know, little things like laundry or hanging out with the grandsons. 

Enough with the excuses, the fact is, its not all typed & sourced.  But that's okay, last I saw the stuff doesn't just go away on its own.  In fact, I find it very patient.  Patiently sitting here in stacks, on my desk, waiting.  Yep, just waiting for me to get back into typing & filing.  I backed off on a trip to Ft Wayne to research, I've got enough to do already!  Or do I?

Since we returned I can say I've gotten about 40 obits typed in, along with several wills & estate files scanned and linked.  So in all fairness I have gotten some stuff done, right? 

With the heat here I'm thinking maybe I'll work on some stuff today, maybe get some more stuff typed in.  Who knows, since those stacks are so patient, maybe I'll just find something to research...

Happy Researching!

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