22 July 2011

This & That And More

Yesterday I worked at more data entry from the trip, although I think most of what I entered was from the recent research trip to the Garst Library & Museum in Darke County, Ohio.  Most of what I am entering are obituaries from newspaper clippings in the surname files there.  I also have some cemetery plot entries and estate files that I was working on scanning and linking.

Our son has been working in Canada for a while and is now finished with that job.  He will be coming back to stay with us while he house hunts.  While he is here is boys will be here more, meaning every Wednesday night and every other week our house goes from a quiet empty nest plus one to a noisy bustling place with two busy, rambunctious boys tearing about.  Not that its a bad thing but it can be a bit taxing on the mind & body!  Its okay, that's what being a grandparent is all about.  A place to be a kid!

After doing some stuff to prepare for the boys & son changes, I decided to do a little more digging on my "marriage" project.  I've been using the multitude of records over at Family Search to fill in the marriage dates I'm missing in my data base.  It's an ongoing project, whenever I get a few minutes I just jump over and chase a few.  Its amazing how many I've found so far.  Yesterday I kept finding "t" recorded as "l" and vice versa! Sure makes the hunt challenging.  I can't gripe about the indexing, my mom always told me unless I'm willing to take on the job, I  have no reason to complain.  Interesting way of thinking!

Today we're off to spend the weekend with the grandsons at the waterpark.  Despite being up until almost 11 last night they've been up since the crack of dawn, ready to go play!  Hopefully they'll sleep tonight after they exhaust themselves in the water.  I'm taking a folder of stuff to work on after they crash, and who knows maybe I'll even work on my marriage project!

Have a great weekend, try to stay cool!

Happy Researching!

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