25 July 2011

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!   I can't say I did any genealogy this past weekend at all.  We did make lots of happy memories at the waterpark though.  I'm sure my grandkids will remember for quite a while grandma getting dumped on by the giant bucket of water or the sight of grandma sliding down the water slide.  Probably not something they'll see again for a while, I think I'm still water logged.  But it was great fun.

I got really excited when I got the weekend mail yesterday.  One of my Kreitzer cousins sent a cute card and inside was a nice note & five PHOTO'S!!!  Yes, I said FIVE PHOTO'S!  Only one of them had I ever seen before!  I've been searching for photo's of my great grandparents, George & Flora Boomershine Kreitzer.  I have one of each but the aren't the best.  Well now I have another and these are really great photo's, especially the one of George.  THANK YOU MARILYN!  You made my day!

This week I'm hoping to continue working on the marriage project, quite a few of my Ohio surnames have all but maybe 3 or 4 marriage dates now, so I'll be working to figure out what surnames to work on next.  I have alot of marriages pre-1700 that I need to locate more info on as well.

Ongoing is the data entry for all the obits and deeds etc that have been pulled so far on the research trips for this spring.  Lots to get done on that front.  I'll be working on my laptop in the family room at a temporary desk while my son is home with his boys.  Hard to work with a bed in the middle of your office.  But family comes first so I'll manage.

Headed off to the Library in Lansing this Thursday with my good friend Diane.  I always enjoy those trips with her.  We chat and solve all the worlds problems. Always a good thing to do.  Maybe we should invite the members of Congress along and fill them in on our solutions! LOL!

So for now, the grandsons are back with mom, son & husband are at work.  Only thing left for me to do is some genealogy - and of course the never ending laundry.  Military Monday will return next week!

Happy Researching!

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