14 November 2011

On The Road Again...And More

First of all, I apologize to all the readers who showed up to read, and I had nothing for you to read. The week was just out of control, basically due to some computer rebuilding and all the work that comes with it.

Now back on track - first we are on the road again. Nothing new there. Mr. Brown Eyes had some business down in southern Ohio. In fact, just south of Butler County, Ohio. Gee, I just happened to have ancestors in that county. So off we went yesterday (Sunday) morning. The Middletown, Butler County public library just happened to have Sunday hours.

Of the 39 things on the to do list I managed to clear 20 items from the list. I found several things I wasn't looking for at all. Mr. Brown Eyes got into a county history and found some bio's that were quite interesting, one involving the flood of March 1913.

Today we will be headed to Dayton for a few hours research at the Montgomery County Archives & Record Center!

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