02 December 2011

Never Ending Process

Last week while working on the Dayton Newspaper Archive I kept getting sidetracked when doing searches on some of my surnames.  Its quite easy when you seem to be related to half or more of the county.   Anyhow, I finally decided to just pull all the persons with my given surnames, search thru the data base and just add those obits to my to do list.

It wasn't all bad actually, on one or two of the surnames I only added three or four items to the to-do list, but a few of the others, I added 50+ items to the to do list.

The Dayton (Montgomery County, Ohio) public library, which sponsors the website, has all the newspapers for Dayton, and the index is pretty good, except for one small window, when they are not indexed.  We go there quite often so this just gives me more excuse to go back and get more obits to type and then see my family there. 

If I couldn't get there, the library will pull and copy obits for you, but has a limit on how many you can request at a time.  Contact them directly for more details.

For now, I'm off to add some more items to my to do list.  I'll be in Dayton working on this list the week between Christmas & New Years.   Anyone want to join me?

Happy Researching!

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