22 December 2011

Obituary Jonas Early (1905)

The Gospel Messenger -

Early, Bro. Jonas, died at his h ome, near Timberville, Va., Oct. 18, 1905, aged 86 years, 10 months and 3 days.  He was married to Leah Hoover, Feb. 2, 1843, and was the father of six children.  Funeral services by Eld. D.P. Wine and the writer. J. Carson Miller

Children mentioned but not named include:  Anna, Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel, Rebecca and Susan.  Lucinda Hoover Early dies 26 APR 1889.

Jonas was my 1st Cousin 6 times removed, and was the son of Jacob S. Early (1778-1869) and his wife, Magdalena Wenger (1781-1863).

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