16 February 2012

Tricks & Tips Thursday - How Many Rabbit Holes Can You Explore?

I really hate it when I decide I need to do a bit of genie surfing and I end up not really finding anything.  Usually that happens because I end up chasing down way too many rabbit holes.

You know what I mean, you do it too, you just haven't admitted it... yet.  Chasing down rabbit holes is when one leads to another, leads to another and soon you have 42 windows open and you really didn't find anything, and none of it was really what you wanted anyway. 

Today's tips are quite simple actually.  Both have to do with those rabbit holes.

First - Always keep a word doc or some sort of notepad (electronic preferred) open when you are surfing.  When you find a link that you think you might come back to,  copy & paste it on your notepad.  Then you'll never have to worry about closing the page or not being sure what was where. 

Second - When I get in the mood to do online research, whether I'm using Ancestry or Mocavo, I always print off one or two group sheets on the family that I want to work on.  If the rabbit hole doesn't have that family, I don't go there.  No exceptions.  Staying focused by using the group sheets really helps keep you on track so that you don't just go off chasing any rabbit down the holes, searching for whatever comes along. 

Hope these two tips help!


1 comment:

Nancy said...

That's a great idea, Karen, to keep a notepad open and save the links. Thanks!