15 February 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Not the greatest image in the world but to me one of my favorite.  David C. Ansley (1917-2008) and his wife, Annie Elizabeth Nix (1919-2001) were married 21 APR 1933 in Grady County, Georgia.  She the daughter of LeRoy Nix (1892-1934) and Susan G. Sellars(1890-1963).  David was the son of William A. Ansley (1876-1963) and his wife, Margaret D. Johnson (1879-1951).   She had just turned 14 when they married.  The papers for permission to marry were "supposedly" forged. 

He stated that he married her to protect her.  The image you see here is how most of their photo's were.  At the time of her death in 2001 they had been married to each other for 68 years. 

Both are gone now, and they are very much missed.  They leave behind a multitude of grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.  What a legacy!  

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Queen Bee said...

I enjoyed this story - staying married 68 years is amazing - that's an entire lifetime in itself. It would be helpful to know some of their secrets to a successful and long lasting marriage.