30 November 2012

Time Flies...

With the holidays fast approaching it seems as though time is just flying by.  My sewing machine & serger are spitting out projects on a daily basis.  It seems like just yesterday we were in Belgium and now here we are preparing for Christmas.  My how time does fly.

I'd like to say I had tons of stuff to share with you, but the best I have is that we are off to research in Dayton tomorrow.  Probably one of the last trips we get to do until we do our yearly day after Christmas trip to research for a few days.  I've got my to do list for Dayton prepped and ready to go, just need to finalize my briefcase items and I'll be ready to walk at the door. 

For now,  I'm off to do some more sewing.  The project pile is getting smaller but it takes time!  Have a great weekend! 

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