03 December 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Will & Codicil of Henry Reusch (1897)

[This will is handwritten and in places has over writes and misspellings, none of which have been corrected.  All typed here as presented in will]

  In the name of the benevolent Father of all, I Henry C. Reusch of Liverpool, Ohio, do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament.

  Item 1. I give and bequeath all of my personal property of every description including household goods, furniture, grain, hay and provisions, fuel, wearing apparel, beds and bed clothing, and all other articles in the household including all cash on hand and all credits due me, and all stock on the farm, farming tools and wagons, buggies and all other personal estate to my beloved wife Elizabeth, hereby authorizing and enpowering her to sell the same at public or private sale, and from the proceeds to pay all bills contracted by me during my last illness, as doctors bill, funeral expenses and so forth. and the balance of said personal property ___  or proceeds of the same is to be then property of my said wife Elizabeth to do with the same as she may see fitting and proper..

  Item 2nd.  I hereby give and bequeath to my said wife, Elizabeth in liu of her Dower the farm on which I now reside and consisting of about one hundred and Thirteen (113) acres and the Fifty Five (55) acres lying on the center road in Liverpool township to Have the use of only the same during her natural life giving her the right to rent the same if she sees fitting and proper to do so.

  Item 3d.  I give and bequeth to my son Henry A. Four hundred dollars ($400.) and to my daughter Caroline Weidner Two hundred ($200.) dollars and to my daughter Lydia Urias Two hundred Dollars ($200.) to be paid to them out of my estate after the death of my said wife, Elizabeth.

  Item 4.  After the death of my said wife, I desire that the balance or residue of my estae after the bequests named in Item 3 of this instrument shall have been paid to be divided equally among my sons Henry A., Frederick G., Andrew C., and John C.,and my daughters Caroline Weidner, hannah Etzel, Louisa Mack and Elmina S., excepting however that my daughter Louisa Mack shall have one hundred and thirty dollars less than her equal share, as I have paid them the said amounts heretofore.

  Item 5th. I hereby nominate and appoint my said Wife, Elizabeth executrix of this my lst will and testament, without bonds and I desire that no inventory or appraisement be made of my personal property, and I desire that the court of Probate to omit the same pursuant to the statutee made and provided.   I hereby revoke all former wills made by me.

  In testmony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of November A.D. 1896.

                                    /s/ Henry C. Reusch               

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