04 December 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Mariba Barkalow

 Mariba Barkalow nee Phillips, was born 23 SEP 1884 Montgomery County, Ohio, the daughter of William H. Phillips & his wife, Sarah Jane Early.   She married Irwin Smock Barkalow on 24 July 1904 in Warren County, Ohio.   They were the parents of 12 children,  Kathaleen, Helen, Bertha, William, Ralph, Lyman, Alvadore, John, Harold, Emma, Ernest and Omer.

Irwin born 23 NOV 1881 in Butler County, Ohio, the son of George H. Barkalow & his wife, Jennie P. McCandless.

Mariba died of heart disease, Irwin of heart failure.

Mariba was my great great aunt.

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