01 February 2013

Follow Up Friday - Wilbur Kreitzer

 Asks $21,000 For Crossing Accident
          C.G. Erbaugh, Administrator of Kreitzer Estate, Files Suit Against Railroad
   Three damage actions for an aggregate amount of $21,000, growing out of an accident at the P.C.C. & St. L. railway crossing at Main Street, in Trotwood, Oct. 19, 1913, were filed in Common pleas court on Tuesday by C.G. Erbaugh, as administrator of the estates of Ruth Kreitzer and Edwin[sic] C. Kreitzer, her husband, and as guardian of Wilbur Kreitzer, their infant son.
   On the date mentioned the Kreitzers, in an automobile, were struck as they ran upon the railway crossing.  The father and mother were instantly killed, while the child suffered many cuts and bruises.

**Wilbur is the son of Walter Kreitzer & Ruth Erbaugh Kreitzer, featured in Tragedy Thursday, yesterday on GFOM.

From an unknown newspaper clipping, Indiana - 1931 -

                        Trotwood Man is Found Dead Along Road in Indiana

               Officials Say Wilbur Kreitzer Thrown From Auto as It Rounded Curve.

  The body of Wilbur Kreitzer, 22, of Trotwood was brought to that village Tuesday from Indiana in which state it has been found Monday morning on a road east of Liberty Mills, a settlement near Huntington, Ind.

  Funeral services are to be conducted Wednesday morning at 10:45 o'clock in the Trotwood Church of the Brethren, burial being made in the cemetery there.

  Officials of Indiana who investigated the death of Kreitzer, reported they believe he was thrown from his car as it rounded a sharp curve.  The roadster was found in a ditch nearby.  He had been dead about an hour and a half, the coroner stated.

  Kreitzer, who was a graduate of Manchester college in Indiana this spring and who had been employed to teach mathematics at Jefferson township school, a subject in which he had majored at college, was on his way from Ft. Wayne to North Manchester, where he roomed during the summer, when the accident occurred.

  A peculier coincidence is that both the parents of the man were killed in an automobile accident in 1913 when he was but four years of age.

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