20 March 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Shanklin & Tillman (1822)

 This marriage record from 1822, actually has three actual parts.  The first part, at the top, is the marriage bond, the middle part is George Tillman, father of the bride giving his consent.  The third and bottom part is the actual marriage record stating that the two were united in marriage on the 19th of May 1822, Christian County, Kentucky.

Fielding Shanklin (1796-1871) and Mary Polly Tillman Shanklin (1796-1890) were the parents of 7 children - Lucinda, George, Elizabeth, William H.*, Sarah C., Robert A and Nancy P. Shanklin.

Fielding and Nancy are Mark's 4th great grandparents and are buried together in the Goshen Road Cemetery, Toddy County, Kentucky.

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