16 April 2013

Computer Fun For A Few Days....

Normally on Tuesday's I do Tombstone Tuesday or something along those lines.  However, due to some changes in my computer set up - namely going to a Mac,  I've got some issues that need to be resolved between my new computer and the blog.  Namely,  I've got to figure out how to move photo's between my paralellls in the Windows world and the Mac side.  I'm sure there's a few other issues I want to figure out as well. 

For those reasons,  Genealogy Frame of Mind will be back next Monday - posting more great ancestral images and information for you.   The tech genius son is returning from Texas and promised mom he would fix it all when he gets back!

Thanks for your patience and we'll see you on Monday!

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Grant Davis said...

Happy Blogiversary! I see you on pinterest. I'm on pinterest as well with several Genealogy boards.

Regards, Grant