15 April 2013

Monday Musings

ITs been a crazy few months here at our house.  Its always busy this time year with our tax business.  So that makes me a tax widow.  Sure, I manage the office part of the business but he does all the returs.  So while he does that I have lots of time to get stuff done on the genealogy home front.

So I've been busy - I finally made the switch from pc to a Mac, going with a laptop, which I connected to two monitors.  Sure makes transcribing easier!  But that change meant moving all my photo's and files.  Took me a about two weeks to get it all moved and get used to everything.  But its done now and I'm good. 

The genealogy is always on the forefront with me, seems I always have something going on.  This Wednesday I'll be working on some Indiana research at the Allen County Library in Ft Wayne, one week from tomorrow I'll be researching German church records in Salt Lake City!   So I've used alot of my tax widow time to prep for those two trips.

And no,  I'm no closer to switching genealogy software. For now I'm just staying with Legacy in the paralells world!

How about you?  What have you been working on??

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