01 April 2013

Monday Musings - What software Are You Using?

Wow!  What a week it has been.  I can't say I did alot of genealogy but I'm working on turning that around.   I spoke three times last week, which kept me busy.  On Friday, my son came home from Texas.  Since he's the computer brain, especially in the land of Mac, we decided it was the perfect day for me to jump ship from PC to Mac.

I wasn't quite sure I was ready but I had already spent two years on the iPad so it wasn't like I wasn't familiar with the iCloud, iPhone and other things "i"...   So the transition was pretty smooth.  I went to an MacBook Pro with a hard drive that has enough space for all my photo's... after all I have over 13,000 headstone photo's alone.  It took a bit to get all my photo's moved, but now they are all there and very much visible.

All the other files are moved and functioning.  Now the next question is, do I keep using Legacy in Parallels or do I find a Mac genealogy software and switch?  Playing around with Heredis and Reunion.  Was hoping one or the other would just jump out at me but neither did YET.

How about you?  Are you running a Mac with genealogy software on it?  IF so, can you share with me your choice?  Cost?  What you like and don't like about it?

Thanks! I'd love to hear from you!


Barbara Poole said...

Karen, I was hoping you would say which software you are using. I'd like to switch to a Mac, but the only thing is the genealogy software issue. Another thing, I had a lot of photos and songs on my iPad, then Apple had to reset it. I lost all the photos and non-iTune songs. Fortunately, I didn't delete them from the PC. Maybe a future post we'll know which software you chose. Good luck.

Karen Krugman said...

Hi Barbara! I've decided to use neither of the softwares I was working with. Neither handled my information in a manner that worked for mel

One scrambled my sources so badly I'd spend years repairing the things that it scrambled - and sourcing is just too important to me to have my sources that messed up.

The other also played havoc with my work and I just can't see putting 20 years of information, notes, sources etc at risk with this sort of thing. So for now I'll be staying in Legacy in Parallels. Perhaps when something comes along that doesn't require all the repairing of my info to make it work I'll change. Until then I'm staying put.

Thanks for reading & posting.