19 June 2013

And The Beat Goes On...

The work continues here with the transition from Legacy to Reunion.  I've almost got all my vital records relinked and the facts fixed,  the newspaper file is a bit slower but its coming along.  I figure of the 12,000+ newspaper images I have,  about 4,000 are relinked.

Actually its not a bad process, its giving me the opportunity to make sure that EVERYTHING that can be linked is linked.  Fixing facts and sources is coming right along as well.  I've discovered that the source work is not as bad as anticipated -  upside is that I can customize the information I want included with the basic source information.  Which is really a good thing.

A girl can only work so long before she has to take time out to research.  Remember that old adage about, "All work and no play"?   So everyday I take time out to do a bit of digging for something.  With a 7 day research trip coming up I'm also working on my to do lists and fine tuning the things I needed to complete from our last trip to SW Ohio. 

Yesterday I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. The middle grandson fell off a play structure at summer camp and got to spend some time in emergency.  A couple of staples and he's good as new.  Irritated that play structures & bikes are off his radar for a while, but he'll live.  Sure gave grandma a scare when she got that call and heard words like "fall" "blood" and "ambulance".  

And summer has just begun!   Happy Researching!

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