21 June 2013

Whose House Is It Anyway?

In working in some photo's I found two house photo's.  One photo of the house is a full frontal view, the other a side view.

The other photo with the side view - has two people and a horse.

Both appear to be taken about the same time frame.  So tomorrow in Ft Wayne I am going to search for a city directory hoping that I can get an address for the two families who MAY have lived in the house.

We are headed to that area in a week for our research trip.  Hoping to do a drive by (I believe the house is still standing) and see if we can identify the house.  If so maybe we can identify or at least confirm my suspicions as to who the persons are in the second photo with the house.

Stab in the dark but hoping my suspicions are confirmed.  We'll see!

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