22 July 2013

Monday Musings

The switch to Reunion has really slowed things down around here as far as genealogy goes.  Many of my facts that I had customized in Legacy really didn't transfer in well at all.  All in all I do believe it will be worth it once we get everything straightened and reorganized. 

Still inputting information from our Dayton, Ohio trip over the 4th of July week.  We do that trip every year and no matter how often I go there are still more obituaries to find, headstone's to photograph and people to meet.  It never gets old.

I'm considering some changes to the blog, mainly mixing things up on different days.  I thrive on change so you just never know what's going to change or when.  For now still in pondering stage.

This coming Saturday we will be researching in Ft Wayne, I've got a to do list there that is actually printed out and comb bound.  Much easier to keep up with all the pages.  Mr. Brown eyes will work with me in the morning and then slip off to go play bridge all afternoon.  We so enjoy these trips together.

Earlier this month I started a reorganize and declutter of my office - it started with getting all those pesky computer wires (you know you have them too!) up off the floors.  I used a very large clip and now all the wires are clipped up in several places to the back of my desk.  Its easy, rather inexpensive and it works!  I also have one of those large clips holding up the power strip on the end of the desk!  I'm cleaning out the cubbyholes on the hutch of desk and then to hit the folder holder with all the file folders.  Its time to get this taken care of!

How about you?  What are you working on this week?

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