19 July 2013

Genealogy Connections Are Everywhere!

A few days ago I decided to join a group on Facebook.  It was Technology For Genealogy, a great group, but alot of chatter.  I really had nothing in mind, just checking things out, looking to see if there was anything I needed to read.

As I scroll thru I read names, alot of familiar faces on that board!  Imagine my surprise when I come across someone with the surname Boomershine!  I was totally shocked.  I'd not seen anyone with that surname on ANY board anywhere before.

Being the good genealogist that I am I quickly sent off a note to the person. A bit later she replied!
Long story short, we've been chatting - and yes, I have her husband and his Boomershine family in my computer.  Missing dates and a few maiden names but she's helping me with that!   The other plus, her sister in law married into the Apple family - another of my surnames!  Double win!

See, genealogy connections are everywhere - and I love it when they come about just out of the blue!  So glad to have met you Lorraine!

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