01 August 2013

Are You Listening Family Search?

So today I've been working on my files, typing in the obits and things I've found on my recent research trips to Dayton, Ohio and other area's.  As a rule I try to be fairly positive in my posts, as I really think that a positive outlook is better for everyone!

It's strange but my complaint really isn't about indexing... its just a general complaint - two in fact..

1.) I absolutely hate despise the fact that I ask for a female in my search and it tosses in males and/or males with the middle initial of the female name I asked for.  GRRRRRRR

2.) Could you PLEASE tell me why when I give you exactly what I want... i.e. I spell the name correctly, give you the correct year of death and the place and you give me hundreds of entries that absolutely nothing that matches my search.  BUT if I give you a wild card search with that same information replacing two little letters with ** you find me exactly the person I was searching for?


Just curious...  But seriously? 


Nancy said...

Karen, FamilySearch has a feedback tab at the bottom of the opening page. Please do let them know the problems. I've left comments before and they were eventually able to change how things worked. (I probably wasn't the only one with the "complaint" - but then you're probably not the only one with these two complaints, either.)

Lisa Taisey said...

Love your comments! The SAME thing drives me crazy! I give as much info as I can off the top of my head (which is a lot) and NOTHING! Ditto the GRRRR!!!!