07 August 2013

Research, Research and More...

I've been very diligent about working on getting all my data from our recent research trips to Dayton & Darke County, Ohio put into my database.  But I've also been following alot of the conversations on the Facebook site for the Organized Genealogist.  So much good stuff coming across there that it makes you stop and think sometimes.

Its a closed group, you have to ask to get in, but the stuff you can learn about organizing your files, your heirlooms, photographs and so much more.  Awesome group.

I'm off today to work at the State Library in Lansing.  I've got quite a few pages of people that I need obits from Michigan newspapers on.  My friend Diane and I will research and then stop for dinner on the way home.  Sort of a girls day out genealogy style!

Saturday I'm off to Ft. Wayne again.  This has turned out to be a win win thing for both Mr. Brown Eyes and myself.  He joined the local bridge group in Ft Wayne, has a regular partner and everything.  He's playing there twice a month.  The bonus is that I get to research at the library while he's a few miles away playing bridge.  WIN! 

On a non-genealogy note, we recently had solar installed on our roof.  It's something we've wanted to do for quite a while.  By installing the solar on the roof we're now eligible for the solar lottery - a chance to get paid some dandy funds for our solar in addition to the funds the solar generates, as well as a few bucks back on the installation fees.  Today's the drawings on the lottery, they'll be posted tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for us! 

Happy Researching!

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