01 October 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Elopement!

Hopkinsville Kentuckian, Pg. 12 SEP 1908, Pg. 5

      Madisonville Soldier
  Captures A Trigg County Bride

   Another romance has resulted from the stationing of troups in Trigg County.  Two or three months ago, a Middlesboro Soldier married a pretty girl at Golden Pond.  Amos Winstead, a Madisonville soldier, lately on duty at Cerulean, is the next of the military boys to capture a Trigg County bride.  On Sept. 2 he eloped with Miss Sarah Nabb, a pretty daughter of C.T. Nabb, and they were married in Nashville.  Parental objections made the elopement necessary.  The couple met first a year ago, while the bride was a schoolgirl at Georgetown.
   The Cadiz Record says the groom is an electrician in Madisonville, and is said to be a splendid young man and of a good family.  He has been given a discharge from the State Guard and is now out of the military service.
  The Bride is a very beautiful girl of sixteen and very popular.

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Claudia said...

Today he would be in jail and labeled as a sex offender.