02 January 2015

2015 - Out With The Old & In With The New

Happy New Year!

We were talking with some friends the other day about just how quickly time passes.  Seems like yesterday we were all wondering what the effects of going from 1999 to 2000 would be.  Hard to believe that it is now 2015.  Time sure flies!

This year will bring a (hopefully soon) new grandson for us.  He's due in late January.  What a great thing that will be! 

As many of you have done we've been cleaning - the bringing of the new year some how seems to make us want to make changes.  We've been emptying closets, donating "stuff",  reorganizing and rethinking how we do things.  Makes for lots of changes in our household.  Mostly good things.  

Every year I am always anxious to see what new information for genealogy is going to appear on line.  Will this be the year I discover the ancestry of John McCune?  John Hess?  John Peterman?  (see a pattern here?).  One can only hope that perhaps one of those walls will be coming down.  I can only hope. 

I'm hoping this year to be more informative on the blog, more consistancy with the posts, more information in the posts.  My goal right now is to redefine the way my office is organized,  be more efficient with my time useage,  and more organized with the way I do things.  Somehow we always seem to think that we have everything the way we want it, then something happens and a lightbulb comes on in our heads.  Suddenly everything isn't as efficient as we'd like it to be.  And so it goes.

So what genealogy related projects are you going to work on this year?


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