09 November 2015

Monday Musings

Being in the midst of this massive re-org project with all my digital files really is leading to some interesting finds.  This weekend I found a paper that I had no idea existed.  Pretty cool stuff, take a look...

   I, Hester H. Hull, being duly sworn state that I am the widow of William D. Coleman who was a soldier in Co. F, 17th Regiment Ky. Vol. Calvary, and that after the death of the said William D. Coleman I married Marion F. Dunkerson in 1869, that I was divorced from the said Marion F. Dunkerson in 1899 according to certified copy of Court record hereto attached.  In 1900 I married Alansun Hull who died in July 1909.  Neither Marion F. Dunkerson nor Alanson Hull rendered any military or naval service.
  I further state that I do not now own any real estate or personal property and have not disposed of any since January 26th, 1910.  I do not have any income from any source and no means of support.
  I further state that the said Alansun Hull, at the time of his death, did not leave me any property or real estate, did not carry any life insurance at the time of his death, and did not leave any will.  I am now a widow and do not receive any pension from the United States.
    /s/ Hester H. Hull

State of Missouri
County of Dunklin

   Above statement subscribed and sworn to before me this 30th day of March, 1910.
My term expires Jan. 21st, 1912.
  /s/ Cyrus Bray, Notary Republic

The woman who signed this is in fact Hester Teague, daughter of John P. Teague and Lucretia Dunkerson.  She is a Metcalf descendant and a second cousin to Mr. Brown Eyes.  I knew about her marriage to William D. Coleman, but only "suspected" the other marriages.  What a great find!  I guess that Review Review Review thing works even when its your digital images! 

Happy Researching!


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