04 November 2015

Wowsers Wednesday!

Earlier this year I switched from the Windows world to the Mac world.  I must admit quite a change.  Yes, there was a bit of a learning curve, which I think I've managed to handle pretty well.  For those times when I hit bumps I had an awesome son to help me over them. 

When I decided to go from Windows to Mac the biggest change was the genealogy software.  My good friend, Diane has been using Reunion for Mac for quite a while, and her help was just awesome.  Its great knowing I can ask and she's there for me.  I've also joined two great groups on FB for help.  One is Mac Genealogy and the other, which is actually my favorite, is the Reunion Software Users group.  Fabulous Reunion support there.

I figure I am about 80% complete with the cleanup and straighten up of my data after the transfer in off all my information.  I find Reunion to be a bit of a learning curve, but then again, nothing I can't handle. 

I know I've been away for a while from my blogging, but the switch over combined with an office makeover, redoing all my files (remember review review review?) and normal day to day activities, I just figured a break was the thing to do. 

For those who have stuck around thanks!  For the those who just signed on thanks!  

Hoping to get back in the "saddle" and get busy with the blogging again!

Happy researching!


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