05 July 2016

It's Hot.... But it doesn't matter!

The biggest focus of this entire trip is Georgia.  The Georgia Archives and the National Archives (Southern) both have branches in Morrow (just south of Atlanta), in the same city, in the same parking lot.  If it gets any better, I'm not sure how.

We made our first visit to the Georgia Archives last year and loved researching there.  So when Mark said we could come back to research this year, I was not going to argue the point.  Sure there are other places I could research, BUT why, when he's offering Georgia, would I argue?

So many brick walls here, so many pieces of missing information to be filled in, ancestors to be discovered.  Well here we are, day one of the Georgia Archives research.  Lets hope that success awaits us inside these doors.  Trust me any goodies I find - YOU will be the first to hear it, right here on this blog.  Unless of course you happen to be in the archives when I make my fabulous find! 

Stay tuned!

Happy Researching!

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