09 July 2016

On The Road with the Mac

Over the past year or so, the primary focus has been the rebuilding and reorganizing of our data base in Reunion.  It has had a learning curve and we've had to re-evaluate the way we do some things but I think we've finally got things to the point where I can say we've made it.

Reunion is such a powerful piece of software, but at the same time is so flexible, that getting it so that it works for you can be a bit time consuming.  BUT, once you get it set so that you have things the way you want them there is no end to the capabilities of this great genealogy software.

I think we've finally got everything set up the way we want it.  We're still occasionally finding an image link that we have to add or a fact that didn't import the way we wanted, but over all I think we're finally on top of it all.

I love using the logs. I use them for to do list, both for the data base as a whole, and for individuals that I want to focus on.  Now with Reunion 11 we are enjoying the sync feature using multiple computers & drop box.  Works so well having Mark typing on the Mac while I have the iPad mini open with the data base & logs while I search for obits or newspaper articles. We also have the Reunion touch App on the iPad mini and the phone.

All of these great features and availability help keep us focused and on track with our research!

Happy Researching!

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