18 July 2016

Monday Musings

It was quite the research trip/vacation.  We covered so much in the 2+ weeks we were on vacation.  Made over 300 paper copies and probably as much if not more, in digital copies.

We found obits, photo's, deeds, will and colonial records.  And we have copies of all of it.  Copies to be moved, cropped, linked and typed.

I spent part of last week moving all the photo's around, putting them in my digital photo filing system.  A few have been added to digital multimedia files to the persons that they pertain to in Reunion.  Lots more to get done. 

I'm most excited about the colonial records I found on my ancestor Thomas Ansley, who was in Wrightsboro, Georgia in the early 1770's.  I'll be sharing those images in the next days & weeks as I get them processed. 

Of course coming back from a vacation means "stuff" always needs to get done - things need to get put away,  some minor cleaning never hurts, and of course I HAD to take time out to see the grandsons & kids.  We brought my mom back with us, so a bit of adjusting to having a third person here in the house with us. 

So its been quite the month so far.  Any interesting discoveries for you this month?  Are you researching at all?  Perhaps you're enjoying your summer gardens and your own vacation.  Either way, enjoy!

Happy researching!

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