03 July 2016

On The Road Again!

The plants are watered, the laundry is all done, the suitcases are packed.  The alarm is set, garage door is down...  and we are off.  Actually we've been on the road now for 10 whole research filled, fun days.  Days full of meeting people, researching and just enjoying being out & about. 

The primary time spent so far has been on the ancestors & their families in Montgomery County, Ohio.  With so many ancestors there we've been spending lots of time there.  This time however, had to be the best!

I've been searching for a repository for the Germantown Press, the newspaper for Germantown, Ohio for quite a few years.  This past Thursday, the librarian at the Montgomery County Genealogy Center, found the paper at Wright State University. 

On Friday morning we set out for Wright State.  After breakfast and a wrong turn into Wright Patterson AF base we finally arrived.  We went in search of a visitors parking pass, got it and managed to locate the library.  The staff was helpful and courteous.

At long last I was able to get to the Germantown papers.  I really like it when I find a "one stop shopping" location for the newspapers in the area's I'm researching.  On Friday, I finally found that for the Montgomery, Preble & Darke county area's of Ohio.  Wright State University library fits the bill perfectly!  We will be back!

Happy Researching!

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