14 September 2012

Barn Sale to Goldmine

A few years ago a lady contacted me.  She knew I was a Boomershine researcher.  She had been to a barn sale in Preble County, Ohio and found this box of old photo's.  The lady running the sale had wanted the photo's gone and she didn't want the family of her dec'd husband to have them.  Seems the photo's were of his Boomershine ancestors. 

She asked if I wanted the pictures so I said sure.  The photo's came in a rather good size box (larger than a bread box!), and to my surprise almost everyone was dated and named as you can see below.  I scanned them all, figured out the family that they belonged to and then returned them to the family.

They had no issues with my scanning the images and for that I do thank them AGAIN!  A true goldmine of information.

Image below is of the Thomas Bratton & Ada Swisher family, taken according to the date on the photo, 29 AUG 1909.  The daughter, Agnes Bratton marries Elmer Carl Boomershine - hence my interest.  Very nice photo, and even more nice the identifying information found on the back of the photo! 

Thomas & Ada Swisher Bratton Family (1909)

Thomas Bratton (1886- ?) married to Ada Swisher (1888-1968) on 6 SEP 1905 in Preble County, Ohio.  Their daughter, Agnes Naomi (1906-1948) married 21 MAY 1924 Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky to Elmer C. Boomershine (1904-1971).   Elmer was the son of Alonidious Boomershine (1878-1958) and Temmie Hager (1879-1943). 

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Well done on tracing the family and returning the photos :-) Jo