20 November 2012

Travel Tuesday - A Week of Thankful

Travel Tuesday?  Yep, for this week at least.  The second day in my week of Thankful.  I say Travel Tuesday becuase I am so thankful that my ancestors were brave enough (or wanted out bad enough) to take the chance, get on a boat and endure all sorts of hardships in order to start a new life here in the United States.

Lets face it, we all have our comfort zones - our warm comfy home, food on the table, our computers, smart phones, cars etc.  We have our routines.  But to put all that aside, leave behind family, routines - all things familiar and comfortable to climb on a ship for weeks at sea, months of unknown ---  that just wouldn't work for me. 

Hate to say it but I seriously wonder if I had to make the sacrifices that my ancestors made to get to this country,  I really doubt my descendants would be in this country.  I just don't know that I could do it.  So to me, having these men & women, who gave up the comfort of their homes, their families, their known to totally give it all up, walk away to come here and start over, they are my hero's.  I'm so thankful for them and the things they sacrificed to make it possible for me & my descendants to be here in the USA. 

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