11 March 2013

Monday Musings

 It was a busy weekend here.  With the tax clients in and out, the son in town from Texas, the daughter over to help out with the tax business it seems we had a never ending supply of visitors to the house.  Toss in the three grandsons and you've got noise, laughter and lots of fun.

Even with all that going on I still managed to work on my cemetery project.  I've still been gathering marriage records from my Ohio lines.  Going back thru my files and locating sources, dates and sometimes even the places.  But now I've added to the mix by searching cemetery records.  Over the years I've managed to accumulate lots of cemetery readings for the cemeteries in the area's where my ancestors lived.  Combine what I have with on line cemetery readings & images and it makes for a very productive weekend.  One cemetery in Farmersville, Ohio, I did manage to get thru the first page, funny, but out of all the people on that page only four (4), were NOT in my data base.  Small community and I think I was related to almost the entire community. 

Today and tomorrow I'll be here working more on that project while I let the painter work his magic in the kitchen & breakfast area downstairs.  So far it just looks like a tornado went thru there, so I'm hoping by the end of the day today it will start looking like the kitchen I'd like spend some time in.

How about you?  What did you work on this weekend?

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