03 June 2013

Monday Musings....

Happy Monday!   This past weekend we took a road trip over to Medina County, Ohio for some research.   They remodeled their library a few years ago and it was SOOOOOO worth it!

I was working on a list of people that I had not been able to locate an obituary on.  Sometimes if you can't find an actual obituary you can find more information in the social pages or elsewhere in the paper.  I had about 20 pages of people (4 listings per page) that I was searching for. 

Wish I could say I found all that I went in search for, BUT I did locate about 23 or 24 that had write ups in the social pages about funeral's or something.  It wasn't a waste, we had a great lunch at a little place near the library,  sat outside, enjoyed the sunshine and just chilled together.

Our next big research road trip will be the first week of July when we are headed to Montgomery County Ohio & the surrounding counties for a week of research & fun hanging out with some of our Ohio research friends! 

The electricians are here preparing the brackets & wiring for the solar going on our roof.  Trying to type up the things I found on Saturday but the footsteps, the drills and the hammers is quite distracting.  We'll see how I do!

Happy Researching!


Jim Gill said...

I'm headed to Medina County this week. Both library and courthouse research, mainly on the Rife/Reiff family. Never been there before. Any tips? I have numerous families in the Miami Valley (Montgomery County, Ohio, and environs).

Karen Krugman said...

Depending on what you are searching for you may be able to skip the courthouse, The library has TONS of records, marriages, deaths, newspapers, land deeds, wills... its all self serve in a very nice room with four reader printers and a multitude of books on Medina County as well. Copies are on the honor system with donations instead of copy costs. Its a wonderful place to research. Parking can be a bit of a challenge so go early. For lunch/dinner, dinner at the little place in the parking lot behind the building is great. If its sunny they have a great patio with very good food and a nice selection of beverages both on tap and pop or ice tea. Email me directly and lets talk about your Montgomery County connections. Karen AT Miprofgenie DOT com
Thanks for reading!