02 January 2014

And The New Year Begins...

Today's goal is basically clean up the office.  During the holidays we made a mini trip down to Kentucky,  my younger sister, Sheila, lives in Kentucky.  So we took mom for a visit with Sheila and we slipped away to the Hopkinsville Public Library, which is in Christian County, Kentucky.

I've been working on my own personal lines for quite a while so I've decided to take a break and work on some of Mark's.  His SHANKLIN & MORRIS lines were in Christian County so we decided to see what we could find.  The library has a really nice collection of newspapers on microfilm.  We found tons of obits, and using the Flip Pal Scanner we managed to walk out with only two pieces of paper.  NICE!

There is also a very large card file cabinet loaded with obits from the local paper.  We found quite a few there as well.  There were a lot that I found in the newspapers that were not in the card file.  So be sure to always check both.

One of the highlights of the trip was that we found the obituary for Mark's gggg grandfather, Edin Morris who dies in 1879.  AWESOME!

All total I think we came home with about 125 obits, and only two pieces of paper.  Cleaning up the office today, is a lot of small stuff, ditching receipts from Christmas, filing bank papers, scanning some Christmas cards that had photo's on them and just general cleaning stuff.

Happy Researching!

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