03 January 2014

Kentucky Ancestors?

This blog is all about our ancestors,  and sharing the photo's, obits, and research that I've done on them.  So today, its a list of the ancestors of Mark's that were in Kentucky.  Keep in mind that this list is direct line only.  All of these couples had multiple children so there are many descendants and collateral lines that intermarried in that I am not listing here.  So if you see something that looks familiar or you might have an interest in, just drop a line!  I'd love to hear from you.

Most recent working our way back...  Let's go!

Robert G. Ligon & Dorothy Shanklin
John T. Ligon & Georgie L. Eudaley
George W. Ligon & Catherine E. Davis
Richard Ligon & Ann B. Webber
John Davis & Sarah B. Metcalf
George A. Eudaley & Mary M. Winstead
David D. Eudaley & Sarah Jane Baldwin
Manley T. Winstead & Sarah J. Winstead
Rhea E. Shanklin & Edith Morris
William E. Shanklin & Mary B. Clark
William H. Shanklin & Susannah V. Ralston
Owen A. Clark & Susan Shephard
Thomas W. Morris & Ela B. Hurst
Edgar F. Morris & Sarah Bettie Northington
Thoms D. Hurst & Elizabeth J. Mahaffey
Fielding Shanklin & Mary Tillman
David Ralston & Mary Griffin
Thomas Clark & Catherine Jameson
Charles Shepherd & Susan Hopson
Augustus Morris & Ann Jane Johnson
Madison Northington & Mary Pinner
James Mahaffey & Ela Crawford
Isaac Metcalf & Ruby Jones
John Eudaley & Mary Tarpley
Bushard D. Winstead & Susanna Cox
Charles T. Winstead & Ann Childs Brown

Dates & more information available upon request.  

Happy Researching! 

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