01 January 2014


I know that alot of people make all sorts of new year's resolutions.  I've personally never put much effort into it, usually because I have so much going on I remember sometime around Jan. 5th or 6th.  Not good right?

So this year I thought I'd put a couple of New Year's Resolutions here.  Then come back next year and see how I did.  Dangerous but what the heck. 

1.  Continue the quest to go paperless in my office.  Make a focused effort to keep as few papers in my office as well,  bringing home scans instead of piles of papers.
2.   Learn more about Evernote and make a more concentrated effort to use it efficiently.
3.  To be more consistant with my blogging.  Making a concentrated effort to blog Monday thru Friday.  Every week. No excuses. 

There, that's it.  Next year this time we'll check back and see how we've done.  I've been following my good friend & fellow blogger, Anne over at Gene Notes and I'm inspired by her ability to make resolutions, remember what they were, and actually be able to go back and show progress.  Congrats Anne!  That rocks!  Now lets see if I can do it.... 

Did you make any resolutions?

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