24 February 2014

Monday Musings

The last week has just flown by.  Friday I put my mom on a flight back home, so now its just me and this office.  I've accomplished a lot over the past six months.  I have started pulling stuff from my file cabinets and scanning the items there that I didn't have previously scanned.  I've got a small box that I've placed everything in for easier keeping up with it all.

Its really nice having all this stuff on the computer, scanned, cropped, named and still linking, but oh what progress I've made!

I'm going to be spending a week in Ft Wayne at the library in May and I want it all complete by then. My to do list is growing as I add the documents and I see things I am missing.

Although Legacy does have to do lists, I've decided to keep all my to do lists in Evernote.  For now that seems like a really good choice.  I'm able to record my findings there, with the "todo" item being in black and my findings in color.  So far that has worked out very well.

Hard to believe but my biggest challenge is keeping up the blog.  Wish me luck, I get so caught up in the projects at hand that I forget to put the blogs up.

What's on tap for you this week??

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